About Us

Learn Pro Blackjack is a product of Captivate Labs, Inc. We hope you enjoy our service and become fans of our materials. If for some reason we have failed to delight you, please contact us and we will respond promptly. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Story

This product is the culmination of an entrepreneurial insight that resulted from personal frustration with existing blackjack training materials while preparing for a vacation in Las Vegas. It was then that it was discovered that nearly all existing blackjack materials failed to cover the key training points and were too difficult learn from. After spending long hours studying blackjack strategy, instead of settling for the poor materials found elsewhere, a simple set of training tools was built to personally prepare for the trip. A product idea was conceived when others on the trip began to get nervous about their own knowledge of blackjack and were frantically requesting to review the materials prior to arrival so that they would be prepared as well. Upon the identification that others had a similar, urgent problem, and after subsequently confirming that the training materials worked, Learn Pro Blackjack was conceived. Today, after hundreds of hours of planning, design work and testing, Learn Pro Blackjack is available in both printable and electronic formats to teach comprehensive blackjack training however, wherever, and whenever it is needed.