Why Play Blackjack?

Almost every gambler has a favorite game. Many a player will tell you that their game has the lowest house edge and that you will win if you rub your quarter just right before putting it in the machine. However, if you really look at the math, blackjack, progressive video poker, and craps have the lowest house edges. Games with lower house edges allow you to play for longer periods of time without losing significant amounts of money. Blackjack is very stable, and it has the lowest house edge of any casino game. Using perfect basic strategy, a disciplined player can sometimes play at a disadvantage of roughly half a percent, which means that if he were betting the same amount every time, he could expect to lose an amount equal to one wager for every 200 hands played. In contrast, when you play video poker, you slowly lose money over a long period of time, but the occasional progressive jackpot offsets the average over thousands and thousands of hands. The house edge is slightly higher in craps than in blackjack, but the highs and lows are far less predictable. As such, you might play perfectly and still lose quite a bit of money. In short, blackjack is your best bet.

But isn't it hard to learn?

While there is strategy involved, blackjack is actually quite easy to learn. With very few exceptions, you will always make the same moves for specific card combinations. You can learn basic strategy by memorizing sets of charts, using a trainer like Learn Pro Blackjack or by studying books on the subject. Depending on the method you use to learn and how much time you spend practicing, you can memorize all of the moves within a few hours. It is important to note that blackjack's house edge is only low when you play with perfect basic strategy. Otherwise, you might as well throw your money at the slots.

Play well, mitigate your losses, and have a good time.

Gambling is about having fun and occasionally getting lucky. If you take the time to teach yourself strong blackjack strategy (be it through Learn Pro Blackjack or some other means), you can insulate yourself from big losses and give yourself more staying power at the tables. Knowing that your play is excellent will also give you the confidence to play with more money than you otherwise might. Whether you are a serious gambler or a vacation hobbyist, blackjack is a game worth mastering.